Hilonc V2 - Network Registration

I can’t find any documentation about Network registration cycle. I supposed it works like this:
Unknow -> Searching -> (No registration, Deniend, Roaming)
After it reach third (no_reg,den,romaing) state hilonc v2 never change it’s status before it be reseted.
Is it Right?

So, there is a way to force an disconnection and after a new connection to network? i can’t find any AT commands.



Did you try with AT+COPS… :question:

Not yet, i’ll try.

As far as you know, is there a way to simulate network disconnection without anecoic room?

I also have troubles with Hilonc V2 /HL6528RD network registration (for GSM).
I have at least a hundred Hilonc V2 in the field. According to my experience, when modem is set once with AT+COPS=0 (default settings). The modem is automatically re registering when it can. No need to reset.

However, on one site, with a Orange business card, I have the following issue:
It has been working like a charm for several month and then, one day, the modem has been unregistered.
Even if the signal is OK, the modem never get reregistered. I also tried to reset the modem several times but it always come back with good signal, operator name BUT unable to register.

Here the logs :

RECV[0]:+CSQ: 17,99
RECV[0]:*PSNTRG: 0,0,“208”,“01”,"","",“Orange F”,0

I’m thinking whether this is an operator problem? Or maybe should I set some operator parameters manually?
Thanks in advance for your feedback