hiding sms sender number


is it possible to hide or change sender number when sending sms? so that ppl who receives smses can not disturb modem by calling that number or somethingelse?

If you are concerned about that, then don’t send from a modem - use a gateway service.

i keep in mind using gateway service but i just tried to find a way to do it by open at. i guess there is no way with open at. is there?

another option might be to use data-only sim-cards. if you call their number from a normal phone your call gets blocked by the operator (in my experience)

I don’t think it has anything to do with Open-AT - I just don’t think the networks support it?

In my experience (UK networks), it is still possible to send SMS to a data number.

It may well be network-specific, and there may well be providers that can offer special services to do this sort of thing…

But, as long as your device has a phone number, there is no way to prevent anyone from entering its number when sending a text - whether they do it accidentally, or in some deliberate attempt to find out if the number is “live”.
Therefore your application must be resilient to receiving “unwanted” texts…


i have data sim card on the modem. and when i try to call the modem from a mobile phone, i can not hear call ring tone on the phone but i can see that it is ringing on the modem. i watched that by hyperterminal. it rings 20 times and closes itself (no answer).

so if i use datasim, ppl wont realise that they are calling the modem, but actually they can call until 20 rings indication on the modem. Also i get to know that there is no way to hide number when sending sms if you dont use something like gateway,sms service.

If i send ATH command when i get RING indication from the modem, then that can be the way to keep modem not busy. I can not find any better solution yet.

Have you actually confirmed that officially, or are you just taking my word for it?

I only said that I think this is the case - if you have some concrete evidence, it would be useful to share it…

Also whether it is a Universal Truth, or operator-specific

that is my opinion. i havent confirmed that offically. I will try to contact the operator but i m hopeless. Bc operator services dont give much information or solution. They may advice to use one of their sms service. But that may cost extra.