Hide orginator adresse for sending sms

Hi All
Is it possible to hide the orginator adress when sending sms (using AT+CMGS or adl function)




No, I dont think so, not from the ME with standard SIM subscription.
That is something that the network takes care of but if you send your SMS by calling in to a (ISDN or analogue) SMSC via circuit switched data and transfer your SMS either via UDP or similar protocol, then there are SMSC:s that accept the message without sender address or even with a false sender address.

Another alternative is to get a deal with the network operator…, but that will likely cost some (or even alot) money…


Hi thanks for your response
But in case of receving sms if some SMSC:s accept sms whithout sender sms, What format the orginator adresse take on recevieng sms.


If you send a SMS the way I described before and you leave the originator address field empty, the receiver will also see it as empty. Most mobile phones will display it as “sender unknown” or similar…


Hello again,

I stumbled over a web based service for sending anonymous SMS messages. I havent tested it but I thought it could be of interest for you.


I know there are many others alsobut its just an example…