SMS handler

Hi All,
@Awenil: your posts and answers are really helpful, thanks for that.

I am working with GSM part on FXT009 modem, and i come across following problems,

  1. Modem is not receiving the SMS properly. when I restart the modem or remove the sim card and insert it back again then it works and start receiving text, does any one have solution to this?

  2. in below callback function SendResponse is giving me the originating telephone number (SmsTel) but when I do trace for the same then it is not giving me the originating telephone number. it gives some random value (Which I think, its address but not sure) can you please help me with that?
    SMS_hndlr(ascii * SmsTel, ascii * SmsTiSmeOrLength, ascii * SmsText)

adl_atSendResponse (ADL_AT_PORT_TYPE(ADL_PORT_USB, ADL_AT_RSP), SmsTel);
TRACE((3, “SMS from %d is received”, SmsTel));

  1. I want to send a delivery report (something like “we received your query and working on it”) back to SmsTel (originating telephone number) how to do that, can you please help me in that?

thanks in advance.


Basic ‘C’ error: %d is for printing a value of type int - SmsTel is a string

It is the originator of the message which must request the receipt at the time of sending.

Thank you very much for your help.

I used %s for string but it doesnt work. what could be the problem

In a TRACE :question:

Check the documentation for TRACE

I have tried in TRACE as well as in adl_atsend response

Again, Check the documentation for TRACE