How to get delivery report

Hi all,

i have one doubt regarding that How to get confirm the message sent sucessfully ?
and How to get Delivery report of message sent?

i seen one event ADL_SMS_EVENT_SENDING_OK ,but without this event is there any confirmation of sending message sucesses?

In firmware How to implement to get confirmation of message sending ?

please help me regarding this.

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There is no specific API - you just have to use the normal AT commands.

See: New Features - Complete API

Use AT+CSMP? (“17.3 Set Text Mode Parameters” in the AT command interface guide)


AT+CSMP=177,3,0,241 //20 mins validity period with delivery receipt (177 = $B1 = %1011 0001)
AT+CSMP=145,3,0,241 //no delivery receipt (145 = $91 = %1001 0001)

Note that the AT command interface guide references other documents although I can’t find which documents are referenced?

The scheme is documented in GSM 03.38:

…although I’ve noted this from a tutorial somewhere:
240 = GSM coding, and SM sent to destination terminal directly
241 = GSM coding, and SM SIM card storage

According to GSM 03:38, “241” (= $F1 = %1111 0001) means:
“Data coding/message class”
Default alphabet
Class 1 - default-meaning - ME-specific

Hi awniel and jason,

Thanks for reply.

at+csmp is only for setting ,is it?

once set the parametrs like at+csmp=177,3,0,241

after at+csas stored ine2p

but i quereied same setting parametrs displayed.

+csmp 177,3,0,241

i have doubt is this only setting ? How to use this command to detect delivery report?

please let me know .

thanks &i regards