Acknowledgement of delivery of SMS


I want know how can i send SMS, and receive its delivery acknowledgement.



Hi Malek,

I think this depends on the network operator. I only know it for Vodafone D2: If you place *N# at the beginning of the message text, you will get a delivery report.

You should check with your provider if the function is available and how it can be activated.

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Hi, thanks
But i mean how to do it with at comands ?


Hello malek,

The AT-command “AT+CNMI” (New message indication) will help you to configure delivery status report of a sent message. But it also depends on how the network operator has configured your subscription.


The parameter configures the SMS-STATUS-REPORT.

If you set it to for example


then you will receive an unsolicited result code:

"+CDS: (length, delivery time etc..)" (this is different for TEXT or PDU mode)

…when your message has reached the remote target ME.