Sending Broadcast SMS but only one Delivery Report

Dear All,

I am just developing an application using VB6 and Wavecom 4 ports.

I would this application could be sending broadcast sms (in example: 10 numbers destination).
But I want to get Delivery Report.

I am using at-command:

But while I am trying to sent broadcast sms just received one Delivery Report, it is a first time number only.
I am trying to put delay for 1-5 second for every sms…but still didn’t work.

Please, I need your advice…Thanks



Is the Wavecom unit resetting the AT+CNMI setting after the 1st delivery report?

Try checking AT+CNMI? after the 1st delivery report…

Hi Awneil,

thanks for your reply.

I have check our wavecom setting for +CNMI after 1st delivery report, but old setting still inside (AT+CNMI=1,1,0,1,0).

So how ??



Hi Johan,

There are a few reasons that you did not get all of the delivery report

  1. Your SIM card or Memory of your modem is full.
  2. Your modem did not receive the delivery report from operator (because your modem was busy with sending other SMS at the same time)

One solution is to change your +CNMI settings

Your old settings

Use this new settings

remember to save the settings with AT+CSAS

This new settings will change the behaviour of the modem in receiving
delivery report. Instead of saving the delivery report to SIM Card or
memory, it will send the delivery report directly to serial port.

I hope this will help.
Good luck.