SMS Service problem



I use the adl_smsSubscribe() function to subscribe to the SMS service for sending/receiving SMS (Open AT library version 6.32) and I have encountered a problem…

Everything seems to be working fine when application starts but after a while (may be hours or days) my incoming SMS handler stops being called when an incoming SMS arrives. From that point on, all incoming SMS are stored in the SIM card instead!

My handler always returns FALSE so that incoming SMS will NOT be stored to SIM card (incoming SMS are only to be processed by the handler).

I tried to unsubscribe from the SMS service (when the problem appeared) and subscribe again just to see if the problem is solved but nothing happened. Outgoing SMS are still being dispatched with no problem.

My embedded application handles incoming calls as well by subscribing to “RING”, “+CLIP” and “NO CARRIER” unsolicited modem responses through adl_atUnSoSubscribe() function. When the problem mentioned above occurred I issued a call to the modem but the “RING” unsolicited response was forwarded to the external serial port (I was able to see it with HyperTerminal) instead of being forwarded to the embedded application as expected. Incoming call handler also returns FALSE in any case.

After a restart everything is working as expected. Incoming SMS are being handled by the incoming SMS handler and incoming calls are being detected by the embedded application (no “RING” message appears on external serial port as it is directed to the embedded application).

Has anybody faced a similar problem before? Any ideas what can bring the modem to such a state?

Thanks in advance for your time and interest…




No. :angry:

But if you can find anything that seems to cause the problem with a fair degree of repeatability, I’d be happy to help investigate…

What was the return result from adl_smsSubscribe() here?

That’s interesting…

Have you reported this to your Distributor and/or FAE?

I think we now have enough posts here to be fairly sure that there is a problem…


Sorry… I missed that topic… Although I did perform a search before posting… :frowning:

I’m not able to reproduce it (so far)… It only happened a few times in the field and just once in the lab while I was trying to simulate another abnormal modem behavior (I 'll open another topic about that one) so I took the chance to make a few tests…

Both adl_smsUnsubscribe() and adl_smsSubscribe() were successful. adl_smsUnsubscribe() returns OK whereas adl_smsSubscribe() returns a valid handle (that is >=0)

Yes, did that already… Waiting for an answer… I 'll let you know if I get any …

There definitely is a problem… Let’s hope we 'll get to know what causes it…

Thank you very much for your reply…



I know that feeling exactly!