SMS Service failed to handle incoming SMS

Hi all,

I am using the adl_smsSubscribe() and adl_smsSend() to send and receive SMS on my Q24. However, when I send out SMS during a voice call, the module sometimes failed to deliver the SMS. The module seems ‘looped’ inside, sending the SMS or waiting for the network response. When this happens, if I send SMS to the module, the SMS will not be captured by the handler. Instead, it was stored to the SIM memory directly. I need to reset the module in order to get it back to normal.

Does any one has the same experience and ideas on how to overcome this problem?


Hai ALL,

i to have the same problem. Could any one help me out.

Hi shivaprasad,

I have solved this problem but writing my own SMS library using adl_atCmdCreate() and adl_atCmdSendText() functions to issue AT+CMGS command directly.


Can you pls. send me the code of the above