Help needed for wip commands


First let me say that I am a complete amateur and have very little experience with gprs/http.

I am busy with a project for my local kayaking club for a remote water level monitor. I have access to an arduino duemilanove board and a maestro 100 gprs unit. The gprs unit has a Q24plus - q24pl001 cpu in it.

The arduino is connected to a sensor and calculates a value for water level (val). I have a an apache web server with php and mysql installed.
I have a db setup with php scripts that insert records when run the URL
The arduino can connect and send AT commands to the modem.
The modem has WIP installed.

Now my questions:

Can I run the URL with the value in an AT command?
How would I do that?

I have been playing with the wipbr, wipcreate and wipfile commands in hyperterminal with some success but I don’t know if running the php script is possible.

Thanks in advance :smiley:


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i think all you need to do is create a valid http request.
awneil posted some good references for that elsewere on this website

i don’t think you need to bother with any responce from the webserver.

Thanks for the reply.

You don’t have an example for me to have a look at do you?



Ps.Awneil how did you find that pic?