Help need to use wmnew script on openAT

Hello All,

I want to compile a (or many) object file with other source files.

Can any one help me to use wmnew script on openAT?

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You can’t compile an Object file!

You compile Source file(s) - and that process generates Object file(s)

Please explain exactly what you are actually trying to achieve.

Why can’t you use the Project Wizard in the usual way?

My project has some “.c” and “.h” files.
Presently, If I change a line in any one of the “.c” files, I am rebuilding the
whole project.

Instead, I want to compile only that particular file which I have modified
and want to link all previous “.o” as it was before to this file and build the
new version.

I am also interested in build a libray which has all my functions and I want to
link it to my application to create the executable.

(Like how it is usually done. The user writes an application by including a
standard header file and compiles the applicaion by linking the library
which has all the function/API implementation which are defined as prototypes
in the standard header file)

Thanks in advance.

Are you using an IDE (Eclipse or Visual Studio), or just the command-line?

Creating a library is described in the Tools Manual, but using that library is an entirely different matter - see: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1894&p=6979 :angry:

and: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1436&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=library :angry: :angry:

and: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2191&p=8094&hilit=library#p8094 :angry: :angry: :angry:

Hello Awneil,

Thanks for your quick reply :slight_smile:

Building a library is later…

Just now i want to know,

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Your answer, please…

Oh! I am sorry :frowning:

I am using microsoft visual studio.


In that case:

  • ‘Build’ should just build changed files (and, of course, files which depend on other changed files);
  • ‘Rebuild’ should do a complete rebuild of everything.

It works for me! :smiley:


This is not my exception :angry:

My all “.c” and “.h” files are depending each other.

Looking to use wmnew script (in OpenAT project wizard) for adding previous created object files.

Can any one help me…

Thanks in advance,
Fajal M


Then, obviously, any change to any file will require that all files be rebuilt - so the system is working correctly!

Any build system would do the same thing - that is what build systems are supposed to do!

However, it is not normal to have all files depending upon each other :open_mouth: - so it sounds like you need to re-think your project structure!

If you just want to “manually” compile a single file in MSVS, right-click the file in the ‘Solution Explorer’ pane, and choose ‘Compile’

If you get frustrated with Wavecom’s build environment and want to try something different (less complicated, but you need to know more about makefiles), check out this thread:

I would very much appreciate knowing if this issue has been solved for you with the new IDE 2.0 (full Eclipse integration). Some of you may have subscribed to the beta program and may already be testung it out. It’s due for commercial release in late November / early December so I look forward to seeing your feedback on the much improved build system and broader Eclipse integration!

I have subscribed to the beta program. Unfortunately, as is stated in the beta notes, the new IDE 2.0 doesn’t support Linux. Using Windows is rather inconvenient, but I am testing IDE 2.0 in a Windows virtual machine until you add Linux support. I will continue to use the makefiles listed above for real development until IDE 2.0 supports Linux.

As for the question of frustration with IDE 2.0: I’m currently fighting with the fact that the Eclipse software update feature (advanced install of IDE 2.0) causes my firewall (Untangle) to think I’m downloading a file with a remote code exploit (thus killing the download). As we’re way off topic, I won’t get into more detail here.

Hi Matt Otto,

Thanks for your suggestions.

My problem solved by giving “-extobj” and “-objname” commands in wmnew script options box on the project wizard window.

Fajal M