Has it been released yet?


Has it been released yet?

  • If it has, where is it?
  • If it hasn’t, what’s the latest update on when it should be released - and where?


A significant new release was indeed made in December (available in the beta download area http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/developers/?fuseAction=article&rubric=betaTest&article=betaTest_intro&rubricLinks=developers) but it was unfortunately not considered to be the commerical delivery.

The commercial release was postponed until the middle of January and everything is ready for a launch in the comming days (we have a date but I am unable to communicate that information publicly!).

Wavecom Product Team


Was there some sort of announcement of the new December beta? I’m registered as a beta tester and I didn’t know there was a new version to test.


Grrr. Let me check :frowning:


Me too

Neither did I. :frowning:

The last Beta notification I had was 6 November 2008 to say that the broken download was fixed; that is, the download completed and left a valid Zip file on the PC - there was nothing to say that it was actually a new release.

Trouble is, the broken download meant I missed the window of opportunity to play with it. :frowning:

When I got around to trying it, the actual installation didn’t work. :frowning:
I just assumed it was too late by then.


there is not even a newer version on the site?


There is a new version, but the only way we would have noticed it is if we mouse over the link once a day and compare the file name to whatever we already downloaded. That’s the only evidence I can see that there’s a new version (other than jamie’s post above).


Guys and girls - what can I say. This was our first attempt at setting up a beta program and some things have fallen through the gaps. I tried to see if the new release was “announced” in the Change Log page http://www.wavecom.com/modules/movie/scenes/developers/index.php?fuseAction=changelog (you are all signed up to and are receiving notifications from this service?) but have not been able to reach our web developer tonight. I’ll follow this up tomorrow and we’ll take this as constructive criticism and improve in the furture. Sorry!


Just to lighten the mood :slight_smile:
i’m loving the beta!
i’m currently using it exclusively to develop our product. (though i must say that it’s not that helpful in hardware design :wink: )


Glad to hear about your love affair Madouc :wink:

OK, some more news. Apparently, the release I was speaking about in December was not posted after all :frowning: as 2 critical issues were discovered. We will post a test version today that has corrected these 2 issues. I include the 2 known issues below (you may have experienced issue 1 in the current version online but you will not see the second since it was not in that version and is now corrected) but my advice is that you wait for the commercial release in a few days time.

The reason is that the latest beta version is the full 200MB download as the software update module was not integrated at the time (the commercial release has an installer to load the full release the first time and the there is a smarter software update site to make incremental changes without eating your bandwidth). Note that you will still have to download the full 200MB for the first download of the commercial release hence the advice not to download it twice within a period of a few days unless you have plenty of bandwidth.

The choice is yours on how to continue your love affair!

The 2 issues discovered in late December (not the test release or commercial release) are as follows:

The 1st one : Samples with external libraries can not be built/ Dependencies management between bin and lib project :

This problem is a restriction since WP3 (Work Package 3), the dependencies to external libraries or binaries or objects is not correctly managed.

The impact is that if you create a project with external dependencies the build doesn’t work, for example the build of the sample Ping GPRS does not work.

A workaround consist to add manually the dependencies in the setting of the build configuration.

An information message has been integrated in the wizard of creation of project that inform the user of the workaround described above : “when they are depending on external libraries/objects: please add dependencies to external libraries manually (additional include paths, and library inputs in the linker “Other Objects” option)“

The 2nd one : Build with build configuration [Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_Release failed :

The impact is that if you close and re-open M2M Studio, you can’t build your project again with the build configuration Release. The build with build configuration Debug still works.

A workaround consist of going in the project properties and to apply again the settings of build of the Open AT application, after this action you can close and re-open the M2M Studio several time without experiencing the problem again.


First of all, I’d like to thank Jamie for putting up with us and reading the forums at all. I’d hate to drive away one of the few Wavecom insiders that reads the forums. :smiley:

Secondly, Jamie: any change to the restrictions listed on the Beta page (C++ support, Linux support, etc.)? I’m eager to see some of those solved.


Don’t be scared away yourself when I tell you I’m a Marketing guy and it’s my job to listen! Besides, being Scottish, you’ll have a hard job to drive me away - I’m not sure which attribute is the most scary :wink:

The features you speak about are actually in the roadmap. We have a lengthy backlog list and to give some insight, we plan with this new product to have 2 major releases per year. Please don’t hold me to this as this is preliminary but we plan for an April release to include:

  • First class help system (API walkthrough with code snippets)
  • Local debug with GDB server (complex as firmware is impacted so may move to September release)
  • Multi-Language support (C, C++, Lua)
  • Resource stats (CPU, RAM, objects)
  • Post mortem traces
  • Remote debug via IDS

Linux was higher up the list but when we analysed the feedback we got, we moved things around to end up with the above priority. At the moment, I can’t offer any insight to Linux support but how many of you see this is more important than the list above?


What really got me motivated to push for Wavecom to officially support Linux is the fact that Linux is obviously being used inside Wavecom. If you search for “linux” in OpenAT files, you will see that not only does it support Linux, but it may be that Linux is the primary development environment (e.g. special references to a U: drive and /projet directory).

Personally, I don’t even care if Wavecom releases all of the graphical tools for Linux (TMT, Project Wizard, or even the new Eclipse plugin). Just cleaning up and releasing what already exists is all I want. It could be billed as “for advanced users” to steer the new users to the graphical tools under Windows. By quickly releasing it without worrying about the Windows-only tools, Wavecom benefits in two ways:

  • You satisfy hard-core Linux users like my company,
  • You can use the release to better quantify demand for Linux.

In my experience, many developers will use Windows without complaint (thus they don’t show up in your surveys), but they would use Linux instead if it was available. Obviously, Wavecom could justify that “if they aren’t complaining, they must be happy”, but I hope you recognize that that isn’t necessarily true. Not everyone is as outspoken as me!