GX450 Download issues

I am having issues with our GX450s. We have about 16 of these routers connected to two different devices of which one is working fine with no issues and the other is giving us download issues.

With the device that is not working we are seeing that any files above 16Kb are failing. Looking at the data through WireShark we can see that an ACK is sent from the device to the modem but the modem never responds back. Furthermore we are seeing a Highspeed flag being set and we believe that this is causing the issue. (Might be fragmented packages but not entirely sure)

We are also having issues setting the MTU (lowering it) and making it “stick” and the router seem very unpredicatable with regards to enabling ETH1 on a reboot.

The firmware version is as follows:

ALEOS Software Version: 4.4.0b ALEOS Build number: 005
Device Model: GX450
Radio Module Type: MC7354 Radio Module Identifier: GCA004
Radio Firmware Version: SWI9X15C_05.05.16.02 r21040 carmd-fwbuild1 2014/03/17 23:49:48

We do have another GX450 with the latest firmware but we are experiencing the same issue.

Any suggestion on how we can lower the MTU or disable the router to try to change to highspeed mode ?

you can contact your distributer for this issue…