GX450 and Firmware v4.8.0 Clarification

Hi there,

I somewhat recently noticed the GX450 had an updated firmware, v4.8.0. We are currently on v4.5.1 so I decided to upgrade the units. I started with one unit we have on the office. The plan was to upgrade the one in the office, test/observe it for a day or two, and then upgrade the ones in the field if nothing bad showed up.

On the firmware page, I downloaded two files. One file was for the ALEOS software. The other file was for the radio modules which turned out to be an ISO file. I installed the ALEOS update fine. However, the radio module file is making me scratch my head.

The radio module file is an ISO file so I mounted the file and copied the files in it to a folder. This included a txt manifest file and a subfolder which contained a SPK file which I assume is meant to upgrade the radio firmware. Attempts to update the radio firmware have failed. The prompts I get say the update file is not valid along with other things.

If I look on the admin page of ALEOS (in v4.5.1) and check in the radio module firmware section, I see the version installed is ‘’. This is the same version that is listed in the above mentioned manifest file which came with the radio firmware update I downloaded.

Is my GX450 already at the latest radio firmware version? Do I need to upgrade it? Why is a radio firmware listed for download on the firmware page for firmware v4.8.0 if the radio firmware I downloaded will not install properly?

Chris Smith

Hi Chris,

Yes, that’s correct, you are on the latest radio module firmware version.