GX450 APN not found after update FW 4.9.7 and Radio FW MC7304

GX450 updating to the FW 4.9.7 and Radio FW MC7304_05.05.78.00. Updated succesfull. Reboot device and run admin Advanced reset mode “Reset All” push Reset to factory Default. Login at with standard pasw and renew pasw : OK But when we filled in the APN, push apply and reboot the system couldn’t find the APN. Before update the same SIM worked with the equal APN. Sim already tested in other device and it works. Any suggestiosn ?

Hi @jan1,

I don’t quite understand what you mean by “the system couldn’t find the APN”.
It means that the system does not display the APN or does not connect to the network. Please let me know more clearly.
I have done all the same steps as you with my GX450, the latest ALEOS Software, the latest Radio FW, and no issues.