LX60 Firmware upgrade does not keep APN

We’ve some LX6o units, and we upgrade ALEOS + radio firmware to 4.14 version.
We’re using a specific APN for our operator to allow remote connections, but after upgrading LX60 has been restored to the default APN and we can no more communicate with the LX60.
How can we keep the APN setting during upgrading firmware from remote ?

Hi @mcs_gdtest,
Which FWs are you using for the gateway? (Generic, ATT, Verizon…?)
For generic FW, it doesn’t including APN so you need to input it the first time. It will be kept after the upgrade process. I tested on LX60 NA Generic using the latest FW. I don’t see the behavior. The APN value is not restored to default after upgrade to Aleos 4.14.
If you use the specific FW (Verizon, att, …) the APN is included on it. It might be reset to default after upgrading

Please share if you have any concerns. Help us tick Solution if it is useful

Hi, thanks for the feedback.

we’re using Generic FW with an APN different that the standard one for that operator.
We get this problem after updating 1 remote unit, after upgrade get the standard APN that is not useable for bidirectional traffic.

We’ll repeat the upgrade test on another and give you a feedback.