GX400 Firmware upgrade failure

I recently decided to upgrade my GX400 firmware from 4.3.3 to 4.3.4, as the first step to upgrade to the latest firmware. Figuring that it would take a while, I started the process then left it alone for several hours. Upon returning, I restarted the GX400 and logged in to the Acemanager interface which showed the firmware version to be 4.3.4, this being done within (say) 20 seconds of rebooting the device. I then lost the connection, and had no success in reconnecting until I rebooted the GX400. Again, after 20 seconds or so I lost the connection. I did a port scan on the default ( address, and ports 22 and 9191 are open, so it would seem that something may have gone astray during the firmware update. As I do not really want to use the GX400 as a door stop, is there a painless way to resolve this, or do I need to return the unit to Sierra Wireless ?

Did you try to download the same Firmware once more??



No, once was enough !! After the seemingly failed update attempt, the web interface no longer stays up long enough to allow access to the firmware update page, so I could not do that even if I wanted to…