404 Trying to get GX450 Intermidiate Firmware Upgrade Files

I am trying to upgrade the firmware on an old GX450 we had lying around for some lab testing. It is running v4.5.1 right now.

I started here: AirLink GX450 Firmware Packages and was able to download v4.5.1 and v4.9.9 but when I click the link for the 4.9.6 intermediate version, it just gives me a 404 file not found. Every link I could find for 4.9.6 gave a 404.

Is there any way this can be fixed? Or is there some other way I can get the 4.9.6 file? Or is this router just stuck here?

Hi @kellerj,

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I have reproduced this issue, please send an email to technical support at support@sierrawireless.com for assistance.