GSM Device received messages see the application view


Dear Team,

Could you please help me how to see the GSM modem received messages in application view. Is there any free application we can see the messages alerts which are received to GSM devices?

I am new for this device I don’t have any idea about AT commands. Please help me this issue.



So you want a Windows type application with a GUI to manage SMS messages? Typically speaking we do not have one, skylight for the MC/EM card has an SMS manager but that is all for everything else the answer is no.

BTW it is also a good idea to state the unit you are talking about when asking a question (and the firmware version).




Thank you so much Matt for giving information.

We don’t want to manage any SMS messages in GUI. We just manage like notification alerting (Monitoring system)

We have a home alarm device these devices what are alerts get. The GSM modem will receive it. This GSM device is connected to the computer what all the messages are received to GSm those message alert notifications we what seem like a monitoring system. Please help me this issue.



I am afraid your description is far too vague but it seems like you have a GSM modem connected to a PC and you want a Windows application handle alerts that are coming in from home alarm devices. Again you need to detail the unit being used, either way you are going to need to write a bespoke application handle this in the way you want it to.