GPRS configure fields in cfg_gprs.c

My programmer is confused of what are the fields defined in cfg_gprs.c should be:

#define GPRS_APN      "websfr"
#define GPRS_USER     "a2b"
#define GPRS_PASSWORD  "access"
#define GPRS_PINCODE  "0000"

if my sim card does not require “user id”, “password” and don’t have pincode
Should it be like:

 #define GPRS_APN      ""
#define GPRS_USER     ""
#define GPRS_PASSWORD  ""
#define GPRS_PINCODE  ""


Note that the “user id” and “password” here have nothing to do with the SIM - they are for the APN connection.

Yes, that should be OK - but see viewtopic.php?f=28&t=3496&p=13269&hilit=password+single+space#p13269

BTW: “” looks like Jasper - is it?

  1. miken said: Using ’ ’ for username and passwored worked! THANK YOU!
    But did he mean " " or ’ ’ ?

2)Yes it is
Question here : module Q24Plus is certified for use outside of the United States on jasper platform … vices.html
Is it only with jasper?
What if i will try to use it in US ?
How they will know that i use Q24Plus(i have their sim with data plan )

If the null string works for you, then you have no worries - the single space is just an option to try if the null string doesn’t work (it’s a string containing a single space).

IIRC, the null string should work with Jasper.

Their support is pretty good; make the most if it - talk to them!

Speak to your Distributor about that.

Speak to Jasper about that!