connect to the ISP with the modem

now that I have all the drivers and the programs I need (thank to the help here!)
I want to configure the ppp conection.
where do I do this ? in which program ?
user,pass,number,APN ect?

Thank you ,

check the http-example, which you can find in the Developer Suite (File -> new Project… select the WIP-Plugin)
in the cfg_gprs.c you can enter your user-,pass, apn, etc. (if you want to use GSM, otherwise you have to select another cfg file^^)

Didn’t find the Developer Suite
but after a few games with the other programs , I found that Sieera Wireless Discovery Tool - do the trick.
all I had to found is which com he his using (in my case COM24 AT Command Port)

here I can change the setting.

Thank you ,