GL6110 hangs Windows Server 2012?

Has anyone encountered this issue? I suspect that it maybe a driver issue. I’ve searched everywhere but no clue. Thanks.


Probably an obvious question - is there anything in the Windows 2012 logs about driver issues? Or are you really unlucky and the system hangs before it can write the log…

Is it a hang or BSOD?

If it’s a BSOD, you may be able to find the minidump file and communicate with M$ to see what they can pull out of the log info.

Just my 2cents - I’m not a Windows server guru in any way!

ciao, Dave

It’s not BSOD, just Windows becomes very very slow. I’ve been running a COM port application that sends AT commands to the modem every few seconds for the last couple of months before the server became very slow.

As I’ve not encountered this problem in other versions of Windows (XP/7/2008) so I thought it maybe due to driver compatibility with Windows Server 2012.