Sending SMS messages from GL6100 under Server 2012r2

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Have what I thought would be a simple use case, but having no luck. The goal is SMS intergration w/ SCOM system monitoring software. I already have this working with a Multitech systems modem, so I know it is possible. My current configuration is as follows: GL6100 connected via serial to Digi port server setup as virtual COM port on server.

What works:
Can connect to the virtual comm port on a linux box and successfully send SMS via gnokii, so I know that network and GSM provider setup is good
I can connect to the COM port on 2012r2 via Putty and send AT commands to the unit, so I know that virtual comm port setup is good
I can assign a generic modem to the comm port (this may not be the right way to go).

What doesn’t work:
I can’t get windows to send SMS using Microsoft SMS sender when pointed at the modem (can’t go straight to comm port) following setup method here: … scom-2012/
This does work for the old Multitech modem in a similar configuration

To be honest, I don’t know what series of commands SMS sender uses to send the SMS, but as far as I can tell it is the same thing that SCOM does as that fails as well.

So, any tips or suggestions on doing a simple SMS message from windows 2012r2? I haven’t found any modem drivers that might be more appropriate for this unit.

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As you have mentioned that the module is successfully sending messages in Linux setup , so it seems that there can be some fault in windows setup which is causing issue. Can you try below mentioned use cases to clear the doubts.

  1. Use some module other then GL6100 in same windows setup and try to send messages from that.
  2. Use GL6100 in windows setup , just not use SMS sender app and try to send messages using AT commands.
    3)Gnokii is also available for windows , you can try to use gnkoii in windows to send messages.

PS:- Sierra wireless does not support SMS sending applications , It prefers AT commands to send messages.

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Thanks for the reply.

  1. Can use other devices to send from same system
  2. Can send w/ AT commands
  3. Considered Gnokii, but found that the scripting of calling Gnokii from SCOM didn’t have any job control, so ended up having multiple Gnokii calls to the same device at once


As GL6100 is able to send messages using AT commands so it seems the issue is not with the module.

PS:- Sierra wireless do not support SMS sending applications.

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