GID1 value in Windows

I have EM7455 connected to Windows desktop. I have installed latest Sierra Windows driver package. Modem works nicely and can handle even eSIM card and profiles. Our eSIM card has GID1 value in metadata. Windows has APIs to read this GID1 value. Unfortunately it is always empty in this setup. I wonder if Sierra Windows driver lack support of reading GID1 from SIM.
I have Surface Tablet having integrated modem and drivers from modem vendor. It can nicely return our GID1 value from the same eSIM card.

Any thought?


Not sure if the following AT command can read, you can give a try.


+CRSM: 144,0,“C5”

This occurs in Linux for the same modem and SIM . GID1 is ok. I don’t know how to use AT commands in Windows.


you can install the USB driver and check the modem port in device manager:

After that you can use putty or teraterm to open the port to enter AT command.

I can see Sierra Wireless Snapdragon X7 LTE-A DM Port (COM11) in Windows.

Unfortunately it doesn’t answer anything to Putty AT-commands.

Similar Quectel USB modem answers all AT commands in the same setup.

not DM port, I am saying modem port

Actually this started to work. I don’t know what I did but now Windows can read GID1 successfully.

By the way, there is no AT port visible among COM-ports.

You means there is no modem device?

There are only DM Port and NMEA Port visible in the device manager. No AT port at all.

I studied bit more GID1 reading and I think it is not working,

Then how did you enter this above?

+CRSM: 144,0,“C5”

In Linux, as I said.

Then it means this is not module problem where no AT port is seen.
Probably your USB driver in windows has problem.

Could you list which which drivers are needed in Windows with EM7455 and where I can get those.


you can try this:

I installed driver that you pointed out. But still only DM and NMEA ports visible in Device Manager.

Device manager lists modem:
Sierra Wireless Snapdragon X7 LTE-A WWAN Modem

Yes, this is the modem port.
Double click it and you will see the port number

Oh yes, now I found COM-port that answers to AT-commands.
Copied from PuTTY:

+CRSM: 144,0,“C5”

When I trace SIM insertion by nets the log file shows:
Gid1 : FF
Iccid : 89464215
Imsi : 240422603
IsFirstUicc : 1
Languages :
LineIndex : 0
MncLength : 2
ModemId : {9F208B95-065A-59B2-9D3F-7D04BF3AD412}
Pnn :
SlotIndex : 0
Spn : Telenor CXN

So we are in the starting point of this thread.

How to verify your log is correct

Should I provide whole ETL trace file?

No need, I don’t know how to read ETL file.

Here is my test on MC7430:

+CRSM: 144,0,“01010000FFFFFFFF”

Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless, Incorporated
Model: MC7430
Revision: SWI9X30C_02.30.03.00 r7804 CARMD-EV-FRMWR2 2018/07/25 01:10:04
MEID: 35907406009754
IMEI: 359074060097542
FSN: LU626300170410