Generate Radio Disconnect Event Issues

Hi. Looking into the log files of some of our modems, I am seeing the message appear a lot:

Oct 16 09:10:39 notice ALEOS_WAN_RadioTask: cbkSessionState - v4SessionID: 1205680128 v6SessionID: 0 state: 1 (Disconnected) sessionEndReason 1 reconfig not required
Oct 16 09:10:39 info ALEOS_WAN_RadioTask: cbkSessionState - generate Radio Disconnect Event
Oct 16 09:10:39 info ALEOS_WAN_RadioTask: Radio_state --> RADIO_STATE_DISCONNECTED

Has anyone else encountered this message? For some reason the modem seems to do some type of reboot. Which then ruins the connection to our device we are communicating with.
Talking serial UDP out of the modem to an RTU.

Thanks in advance!

Which modem are you using?
Also what exactly yiu are doing? and exact problem you are facing?


Hi Alex,

I am using the GX450 modem. Our goal is to use this with our SCADA system to talk serial to devices out in the field. We are able to communicate with our devices in the field using the modem, but not consistently. For some reason that message is being reported by the modem. When it does that, we lose connection with our device. Normally, remotely logging into the modem and doing a reboot will get things up and running again.
After the modem reports the Generate Radio Disconnect message, often at the end of the sequence, the message “err ALEOS_SERIAL_HMC: HandleUDPPacket recv ERR” shows up.

Using UDP 96008N1.

Thanks again

I will suggest you to contact your reseller/distributor to help you raise a support ticket to analyze more.