FXT09 Hardware reset

I have downloaded a open AT application and now I can’t access the modem anymore by using AT commands. How can I reset the modem to factory default settings to erase the application from the modem?

Thank you


Not sure what caused the problem… But please try DWLWIn available at below link to erase the OpenAT application.
After install, please check the box “Erase” -> “OpenAT application”, correct the “Port Number” and “rate” then click “Start”.

You may have to enable the boot pin and power up/reset FXT009 after you clicked “Start” to initial the erase operation.
Please refer to user manual for more details.



I have DWLWin installed. But, how can I enable the boot pin and power up/reset pin to erase the OpenAT application?



Can you please check with your distributor if you don’t know about the pin?

The boot pin was actually documented at Table 14 of FXT user guide:

Just for reference, similar issue faced by the community:

I believe your distributor can give you good instruction and even required tool on how to erase the OpenAT application.


Strongly recommend you follow the advice to liaise with your Distributor - that’s what they’re there for :exclamation:

1 DB15 have a boot pin ON FXT009…so if you want to boot update it .you must connect the boot pin to 1V8…
2 our product do a reverse on BOOT pin .so you can connect it to gdn…for boot update…
3 you can check the FXT009’S datesheet.