FXT009 + eCall + C-GPS is it possible?

Hello all,

I have the FXT009 programmable modem along with the FXTE01 GPS Expansion card. I wish to create an application combining the eCall and gps functionality. The problem is that the eCall library is in EABI format while the C-GPS one in ELF therefore incompatible with each other. I understand that the C-GPS library has been superseded by the Location library but as far as I can tell the latter cannot be used with this GPS.

Is there any way around this? Am I missing something? Thank you.

C-GPS has been obsolete for a couple of years

Thanks awneil for your reply.

Do you know if the new Location library can be used with the OpusI GPS found in the FXTE01 expansion card?
From what I’ve seen it seems that it’s not possible in which case I don’t see the value of this expansion card.

No - you need to use the new GPS module!

There are third party cards available with GPS and other features onboard. Here is one option: clearconnex.com/content/gps-plus-card-ii

Here is an other one based on XM0110: http://www.m2mconnectivity.com.au/brands/sierra-wireless/sierra-wireless-airlink/expansion-cards/dual-serial-gps-expansion-card