I could help with information on how to program the modem with fw R7.50.0.A2.201302191346.FX100 FX100, since the tool developer studio I have not registered for this fw modules?
I thank you in advance for your help.

Please refer to this thread:

Thanks for your answer. an additional query, I use the C-GPS Plug-in 3.08 for FXT009 modem, can I use the same modem plugin for the FX100?, if the answer is no recommended me to use?

Please this link,
Please refer to this thread:

no longer works?


Hi Jorbua,

There are no more C-GPS chip, but GPSOne solution inside FX100.
So, please use a new plugin library, location plugin to drive the GPSOne solution of FX100.

Are you saying the repository link no longer works?
Actually, this link works only with Developer Studio, not web browser.
We have to add this as new repository in Developer Studio.