FXT009 connected to AnywhereUSB device

Hi All,

I accept that there may not be many using the AnywhereUSB device and that it does not officially support USB modems but its worth a shot. The anywhereUSB device allows remote usb connections over ethernet.

I have a AnywhereUSB/5 MHC device which has a Sierra Wireless USB modem connected to it. When the AnywhereUSB device receives a connection from a server in the LAN, the modem is exposed as a USB device and I can successfully communicate and send text messages. When the AnywhereUSB receives a connection from a server across a WAN (point to point link), the modem is still exposed as a USB device but GSMAT commands seem to do nothing. It as if they are reaching the AnywhereUSB device but then are not getting to the modem. I have temporarily opened all ports on the link to see if this help but no joy.

Is there possibly something I can do to troubleshoot/configure on the modem itself? Any help or insight in to what the issue could be (besides the AnywhereUSB device) would be helpful.