FX30S Factory Reset and data loss



I was trying to do “cm data” on my FX30S Sierra IoT Gateway and the connection status was coming “no” so I reinserted the SIM and plugged out the power cable and plugged it back. But after reboot all my files in root directory and home directory we lost. I don’t the reason and scenario is non reproducible , same situation is faced by one of my friend where he removed the SIM and interested and his data was lost. No idea why this situation has occurred.


FX30S unexpected file and folder loss 16.10.1.m3

Hi Alka,
Can you please clarify:

  1. What version of firmware you are running?
  2. Is your unit still functional? You mention all files in the root directory are lost, I can’t see how you unit would boot
  3. Are you certain your files in the home directory were lost? ie, /home/root



Hi Chris,

Thank you for replying , the firmware I am using is “mcu-rmfw-boot-yocto-legato_wp85.cwe”. Yes the unit is functional but all the files from /home/root were lost and I have to add them back to proceed.



Hi Cris,

Since the same issue occurred again, due to device location change I have to remove the power cable and place the device in new location, on re-login factory reset happened and so I have captured the “/home/root” directory status as well as "fwupdate query " and “cm info” command status.
For reference the files are attached separately as only one image can be attached by new user.

Hope to get any solution with the following reference.

Thanks & Regards,
Alka Rani


On re-login


FW update query and cm info:


Hi Alka,
Thanks for the information. The only workaround I can suggest for now is to always gracefully shutdown the unit.