FX30 Factory Reset


After resetting the FX30 during boot using the reset button I am prompted for a new root password when connecting but it seems nothing else has changed. All my apps are still available and even start running. Changes to the root directory are also still present. It seems like the only update is the removal of the root password.

I have updated the image on the FX30 to add some Python packages.
The ‘AT!FWD?FACTORYRECOVERY’ command shows that factory recovery is enabled.

Is there something else that needs to be enabled to ensure the image is reverted to factory?


Hi Dwig,
The FX30 factory reset will delete files that were manually modified in /etc and /data. These files are copied to the overlay and can be viewed at:

Files in the root dir are unaffected, as are manually installed Legato applications.

The AT!FWD FACTORYRECOVERY command only enables or disables the FX30 factory reset capability. ie, if it is enabled, you can press the reset button to factory reset the FX30.