FX30S Ethernet cable


I would like to establish data connection by using Ethernet cable (no sim card) and transfer data. Is it possible? Green led is on and orange led flashing on my FX30 Ethernet version. But I cannot connect with internet.


Hi there,
To confirm, are you using an FX30 ethernet version or an FX30S (serial) with an ethernet IOT card?

Regardless, can you check your default route?



I use FX30 Ethernet version. I made mistake in my original post. I will check default route tomorrow and let you know.


Hi Chris,
My default route is set to true.
I have changed it to false - no effect.


Hi Bartek,
Not exactly sure what you checked, but assuming you’re connecting your FX30 via ethernet to a network that has a DHCP server:
Edit the /etc/network/interfaces file and change eth0 to auto and for DHCP instead of static, and then reboot.

Your network should give eth0 an IP and you can check your routing table by: route -n


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Hi Chris,
I had static in eth0. That is why it did not work of course. I have changed static to DHCP and it work. Thanks a lot Chris.

Best regards


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