FX30 the best choice?

I am evaluating the FX30 as a gateway to extend cellular capability to emergency VoIP phones. The phones will connect using Ethernet. Our anticipated volume is a few hundred units per year.

Is the FX30 the best choice?

Richard Meckstroth

If you use VoIP as main service, you can use FX30 Cat1 series (with WP76xx chipset).
First of all, this device can be Programmable. Custom IoT applications can be put together thanks to the Linux-based embedded programming environment.
Second, from a practical perspective the FX30 is small and sturdy, so should have no problems handling industrial environments of fitting into machines and infrastructure equipment.
Third, compatibility with 3G, 2G and LTE networks will help applications to be easily scalable.
The last, the internet connection is very good and setting up is also fairly easy.


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