FX30: How to turn off GPS

I would like to go into ultra power saving mode by turning off all peripherals that are not used.

The FX30 User Guide states:

Depending on the application, you can lower power consumption by disabling the
Ethernet interface and GPS bias using GPIO52 and GPIO55 respectively. (See
Table 3-8 on page 54.)

However Table 3-8 mentions GPIO55 is the Ethernet (contrary to the above) and does not mention GPIO52. Which GPIO does the GPS belong to? Is using gnss disable the same as switching the GPS off using the GPIO?

Hi psiphi99,

My apologies, this is an error in the User Guide. I’ll make a note to have it updated. GPIO52 is unconnected.

GPIO55 is connected to the LAN chip which can be disabled when driven low.

I believe the gnss disable allows the GPS circuitry internal to the WP module to be disabled. Unfortunately, there is no GPIO available on the FX30 to disable the GPS bias circuitry external to the module.


Thanks. That clarifies my question.