FX30-3G requirements for PPS

We would like to use the PPS signal for an IoT Expansion Card (pin 37). What are the requirements for the PPS signal to start? Is firmware or a cellular backhaul needed? Number or distance-accuracy of GPS fixes?
I did not see any PPS signal after powering on and performing several rough GPS fixes (under 50% successful with 1km accuracy from my window).


Lat: {lat}
Lon: {lon}
Time: 2022 11 09 2 20:54:25 (GPS)
LocUncAngle: 61.8 deg LocUncA: 59 m LocUncP: 16 m HEPE: 61.131 m
3D Fix
Altitude: 49 m LocUncVe: 96.0 m
Heading: 0.0 deg VelHoriz: 0.0 m/s VelVert: 0.0 m/s

did you use the latest FW R17?

have you tried this?