Form factor to hiloNC V2

I would like to know if there is any pin-to-pin LTE module compatible with HiLoNC V2?

Hi @cgennaro ,
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What board are you using HiLoNC V2 on?
If I’m not wrong do you want to know that whether the board used for HiLoNC V2 can be used for LTE module?


You are rigth, I am looking for a HiLoNC V2 pin to pin compatible LTE CAT1 feature, Is there any model?


Hi Jerdung,

We are Telecom RMA and we have a lot of trackers (By Continental) in our customers an it uses HiLoNC V2.

We are discussing about the possibility to change the HiLoNC V2 GPRS by another one pin to pin compatible but it necessarily must be CAT1 or CAT4, ok?

Do you know if is there any option?


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Hi @cgennaro ,
As far as I know, HiLoNC V2 module uses the HiLoNC V2 Development Kit, please refer to the link below:

LTE modules usually use the MangOH kit, please refer to the link below:
You can rely on the two kits above to compare the compatibility between them.



As I understood, there is not none one LTE CAT1/CAT4 module, pin to pin compatible to HiLoNC V2, Am I rigth?