wp7504_wan_led & I2C and UART


I am using a wp7504 lte module in my design

we have a requirement of a status led in our module

WWAN LED # PIN in the LTE module when this pin will be pulled low from the logic inside the module it seems that this pin is pulled low from the module so when activity is present the the pin will be pulled low and current flow through the led and when no activity the pin will be floating and LED is off is this the way the pin works and this activity does it includes any activity in the chip or only for LTE events is this pin configurable through code (i,e blinking only for LTE activity )

I2C pin in the module can this module be connected as a device or it supports only host mode ?

From the datasheet it seems that the UART interface is used mainly for LINUX console can this be used for LTE data exchange with the host processor or only for debugging purpose