TX_ON, Wake_ON_WWAN, WWAN_LED_N working mode explanation


What indications show these LEDs signals on WP85 : TX_ON, Wake_ON_WWAN, WWAN_LED_N?
Whats the exact meaning of each signal? What is the blinking sequence of each one? Are there differents blinking sequences?Can you explain behaviour of these leds on WP85?

Probably behaviour is the description below, please confirm but where I can find the explanation?

  • TX_ON - Applicable to 2G only but as it says in the PTS triggered when the unit is transmitting.
  • WAKE_ON_WWAN - As per the MC’s there are events it can wake the host on such as incoming SMS, etc. I also assume there is a Legato API to configure it.
  • WWAN_LED_N - I am guessing flashing for registered and solid on for not registered. Are there a different flashing patterns ?