Questions about WP series

I’m considering using the WP7607 for an application (private band 8 LTE network for communications at a remote site), but I have a few questions (the sales rep directed me here).

  • We want to connect both a Linux-based Single Board Computer and a microcontroller to the modem. Is it possible to have both be connected to the network at the same time (e.g. computer via UART1 and/or USB and microcontroller via UART2?). The computer won’t always be turned on to save power so we can’t connect to the uC through the computer.

  • What is the maximum baud rate over UART1 when acting as a serial modem?

  • Can applications on the application processor simultaneously connect to the LTE network while the device is being used as a modem by a host? (This would be one way to implement communication with the microcontroller).


  1. Do you mean both uart 1 and usb and uart2 have to be AT command port? can check by at+ipr=?

  1. Yes. You need to use different profile id.
  1. Not necessarily… uart2 could be managed by something on the application processor if it could have an independent connection (I guess that’s answered by 3.

  2. I was wondering if I could find out before going through and purchasing a unit :). This brings up a slightly different question…although our application is in LTE Band 8, locally it would be easier to test with a north american band. Are the 7607 and 7603 essentially interchangeable other than supported bands?

  3. Thanks… so the WP7607 supports multiple simultaneous LTE profiles?

I tried on wp7608 before, i can start two profile id at the same time.