Flashing em7455

Hello. I have a working em7455 (dell). I would like to be able to use the at! Commands. So i guess I need to flash it. I have a usb3 m.2 adaptor for a ssd. Does anyone know if it will work?


So to be clear the EM7455 is installed inside a Dell laptop? If so then you need to contact Dell as they have specific releases and the BIOS will have the unit locked down so it is effectively not compatible with the generic firmware/toolset.



Sorry. No It’s installed in a we826-t2. It’s a dw5811e module. I was going to try the Daniel wood script but I was wondering if I can use a usb3 m.2 adapter enclosure that it says it’s for a ssd or do I have to get a m.2 lte usb adaptor w/ SIM card slot.