Dell em7455 will not flash to generic


I have a Dell em7455 here. I’ve changed the vid and pid to match that of a generic em7455. In windows 10 using generic drivers I can issue at commands just fine but I cannot flash it using the generic firmware. I get error code 51 failed to switch device to BOOT&HOLD mode. And error 205 Unsupported QMI command from device. Also I get this device is not a g5k device.

In a terminal I have tried changing the usbcomp and every option errors out. It is stuck in 1,1,10F

I’ve tried all the linux ways as well and get qmi reading errors also.


I’m having the same problem. What version of the firmware do you have ? I dont suppose you have this (ati4):

Revision: SWI9X30C_00.08.02.00 r1706 carmd-fwbuild4 2015/03/10 08:07:02

Did you ever mange to get your modem flashed ? It so, how ?