Firmware update problem


I follow the procedure to update the firmware (->5.5.23) via AT command. The beginning seems ok : +WDSI:3, +WDSI:12, +WDSI:14.
No +WDSI:16, automatic reboot.
Now on the developer kit, the TX light stay on and i can’t communicate with the modem.
Is there a method to restore or retranfert the firmware.


how about using the one click exe file on Windows?

My base system is Linux.

then can you update the FW by linux?

Yes, with AT command.
I follow related topic.

I call provider support.
I have a problem with TCP server Connection. There’s some topics reporting this works with previous version. so I try to downgrade from version 5.5.25 to 5.5.23. This operation hangs the modem, the format of the flash have changed. There is probably a another problem before the downgrade, because another modem with version 5.5.25 is all OK.