Firmware update keeps rolling back to the original firmware?

Greetings Everyone,

I’m having an issue with my EM7455 Firmware on my Thinkpad T470. The issue is that each time I try to update the firmware and after succeeding, for some reason it rolls back to the previous version which is The version that I’m trying to upgrade to is I don’t know if Thinkpads are not allowed to perform firmware updates, but after updating the firmware and reboot the device it goes back to the older version which is


Do you have a SIM inserted and who’s the carrier? The module may have been defaulted to use firmware for certain reasons such as if it’s the carrier certified firmware where the one you flashed might not have been approved by the carrier yet.

Also, where did you get the firmware and what is the Mobile Broadband Driver Package version you are using now? You can find it in \Control Panel\Add Remove Programs.

I’m currently using a VIVA sim card. I’m located now in Kuwait Middle East. It’s a regular data sim card. I don’t think that the carrier knows anything about this because when I talked to them about the internet sim card they just told me to plug it and it should work.
For the driver, I’m using the one provided by Lenovo Drivers Page which is 7.70.4957.0103.
The Website that I’m downloading the firmware from is the following:

The version that I’m trying to install is the one that’s highlighted in Yellow.