Firmware recovery

Hi there,
I am new to the open AT IDE. When first attempting to connect to my fastrack xtend modem found that the firmware needed to be updated. Half way through the update failed leaving the firmware corrupt.
Now there is no way to communicate with it.
Does anyone know of a recovery method from this?

Kind Regards



Easiest way it to talk nicely to your distributor or FAE and ask if they can re-flash it for you.

Otherwise, you should be able to get things back together using the DWLWin program (available from the Developer Zone) and a WPK file (which you’ll have to get from your Distributor). Note that you’ll have to read ALL the doco that you can find so that you can make yourself a programming adapter (you need to manipulate the BOOT pin on the DB15 to get the device into BOOT mode).

Have a look at []for some notes about restoring a Fastrack Supreme (similar to a FXT-009) - but check your doco first to make sure you get the BOOT pin polarity correct.

ciao, Dave