FCM Send Data Delay


Hi Guys,
Im trying a quick experiment; to try and configure a GPS module over UART2 on a q26.

The process is really simple, the GPS sends out standard NMEA messages, i would like to use configuration messages to turn off certain messages, so I am able to only obtain information I want.

Now to my question/problem: Obviously the gps starts to output a series of NMEA messages when it is powered this is not in sync with the running of my Application, so when the FCM data flow is setup a series of messages are already being received (via the fcm data handler), So I go ahead and send the configuration messages, but for some reason the messages take a very long time (longer than is viable for the purpose of the application, almost a minute), to actually be sent ( verified via ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE, after each adl_fcmSendData(…) ) the length of each config message is just 11 bytes, is there something i am missing? Why is the messages taking so long to be sent?

void setup_NMEA()
	//togle GPSGLL message
	u8 data[] = {0xb5,0x62,0x06,0x01,0x03,0x00,0xf0,0x01,0x00,0xfb,0x11};
	//same for each of the  NMEA messages

I have tried a series of “fixes” like only sending the next message after a ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE has been triggered but that doesn’t seem to help.

Please any help would be greatly appreciated!