I have a Gprs/FCM application runing on Q24Pl and i works very well.
I compiled the same application on Q2687/V663 and it works ok except that
on every adl_fcmSendData( form 10 to 200 bytes) it takes more than 3 to 5s in order to receive ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE.
I am with no Flow/Control.

Any idea on this problem…



More info, it hapens only while I am receiving data from GPRS Socket, when the socket is closed the
ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE comes in 1 to 5 ms which is ok but not in 4 to 5seconds.

It looks like logical bug but it is not…

This could be probably because of the three way handshake implemented in GPRS. After sending data, an acknowledgment is expected for the data block sent. So the Open AT would probably be sending the event only after the handshake for a particular data block is over.

Well, this is a probelm with the serial Port, sending data to the serial port and receiving back the ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE.

It is true that I receive ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE in 2ms when the socket is not opened but more then 4s
when the socket is opened. OpenAt should not wait for Tcp/Ip acknowledgment in order to Ack the adl_fcmSendData(…)
I am with +IFC=0,0

I tryed sending data over Gprs with timers, in order to slow down things, but the result is the same with Q2687.
It is very bizarre…