Bug in Open AT 3.10?


Hello, world!
We’ve encountered strange behavior of adl_fcmSendData and adl_fcmSendDataExt: while on ADL_FCM_FLOW_GSM_DATA channel, there’s a 256-byte transmit loop, i.e. if send_data_len > 256 in adl_fcmSendData(fcm_handle,send_data_ptr,send_data_len), we would get indeed send_data_len bytes, but these bytes would be not the actually bytes sent by the peer, but just first 256 of them, repeated as many times as can fit in send_data_len!
However, control handler catches ADL_FCM_EVENT_MEM_RELEASE as expected.
Although adl_fcmSendDataExt has different interface and uses dynamic heap memory, the same bug also exists.
Yes, we can receive data portions into 256-byte buffer, but we’re wondering - is there any less complex workaround? And does this bug still exist in 6.57?