Fastrack Supreme SIM Card holder


Hi All,

Just an FYI for anyone else that might run into it.

I was having trouble getting my shiny new Fastrack Supreme to see the SIM card that I had plugged into it. AT+CIMI and AT+CPIN? were returning errors, and I was scratching my head wondering what was wrong.

After a quick call to my Wavecom Distributor, I discovered the little plastic slide on the SIM card holder that had to be pushed across to stop the SIM card from being removed. It is that little black slide that tells the Supreme that the SIM is present.

So, it’s not just enough to hear your SIM going “click” into place in a supreme (as you push it in). Make sure you “flick the flap” as well.



That’s a change made as a result of customer feedback from the previous M1306 model where the SIM could “vibrate” its way out in installations where vibration was excessive - you never can tell where they’ll be installed - washing machines perhaps? :laughing:

Anyway, your comment is a good one so the printed leaflet should inserted in each Fastrack Supreme box should be reviewed to make sure this is covered!