ES450 - Port Forwarding KO after soft update

Hi everybody.

After the update of my ES450 (now it use 4.51 and radio 05.05.58), I see the port forwading is KO.

PC1 -> Residencial Gateway -> Cloud -> Sierra ES450 -> PC2

The ES450 has a public IPv4 IP gived by
A private IP is configuring in the ES450 and DHCP mode is disable

Ping to the public IP of the ES450 from the PC1 is OK.
Ping to the private IP of the ES450 from the PC2 (local network is OK).
Ping to the Residential Gateway from the PC2 is OK.
It’s not possible to access to the HTTPS page of the PC2 from the PC1.
On the local network of the PC2, not problem to acces this HTTPS page (on port 443).

  1. Configuration of the port forwarding:
    DMZ Disable
    Port Forwading Enable
    30443 30443 TCP 192.168.X.X 443 (192.168.X.X is the PC2)

  2. Configuration of the Port Filtering - Inbound
    Allowed Ports
    30443 30443

URL to access to HTTPS page to PC2 from PC1:
domainename:30443 (for information, ping of the domain name is OK. Domain name resolution give Public IP of the ES450).

Wireshak trace:
On PC1, i see the request: 192.168.Y.Y -> Z.Z.Z.Z Port 30443 (Z.Z.Z.Z=Public IP of the ES450)
On PC2, i see nothing. The trace is not coming.

Is it possible to trace on the ES450 the request arrived from the public interface or/and go to private interface ?
How can i sure the port forward is functional ?

The update of the ES450 can explain the problem of connection ?
The connection was OK before this update (Software ALEOS 4.5.1 and Radio Firmware 05.05.58).

For information, i can access to an other SIERRAS (ES440) from the PC1 with the same configuration on an other geografic site. The residential gateway don’t block the HTTPS request the port 30443.

Other information, the green led “Activity” flash 3 times on the ES450 after the validation of URL “https://domainname:30443” on the browser of the PC1.

Thanks for ideas or helps :wink: