ES450 - No internet access

Hiya ,
I have an ES450 with a vodafone sim.I’ve just recently reset it to factory defaults.
Changed APN on the device to match Vodafone details.Device Now shows Network State as Ready on vodafone network.
However when I connect a laptop to the ES450 it receives an IP but shows “No internet access” in windows.

Am I missing something ?

Vodafone tell me the sim is setup correctly for internet access.


Hi rwaldron21,

Are you certain that the laptop received an IP via DHCP that’s on the same subnet as the gateway in question? Or are you seeing an APIPA address (ie, 169.254.x.x). I would also confirm that the gateway is able to reach out to the network by issuing a ping to a public server such as Google’s DNS ( The ping tool can be found under Admin > Advanced > Ping.



I finally got internet access working by changing the Vodafone APN in the settings of ES40
I changed it from • (phone data bundle) to
• (broadband bundle)

Now I have internet access !